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Are you interseted in bathing? Why don’t you be a fan of bathing in natural hot spring?  

 Did you know…..

Japan is well-known to the world all the more the number for the wonderfullness of  hot springs.

This tour will take you to some highly reputed hot spring areas with Onsen sommelier. 

There are a few devisions you can explore. 


・Tohoku(North East)

・Central Japan

・West mountaneous area

・Shikoku island

・Greater Kyushu area

It all depends on your preference which area you would like to explore and what kind of hot springs you would like to experience.

Here is the list of hot spring areas you can choose.    

  • unesco-Japan travel Hokkaido has the most number of hot spring areas you can stay in Japan.

  • [metaslider id=2573]
  • Certificated in 2009. Here is the place for feeling beauty of earth. Once you visit, you will never forget this place and definitely you want to come back again!
    More Info for UNESCO HERITAGE is here

  • 0pm
  • meal-Japan travelLunch of Japanese Traditional meal

  • IMG 7369-Japan travel
  • We will bring you the special restaurant which you can eat Japanese Traditional meal. You can enjoy beautiful tasty foods.

  • 3pm
  • unesco-Japan travelNext UNESCO heritage ~History of temple~

  • DSC0012-Japan travel
  • Certificated in 2007. This temple was established in 1200. You can feel history of temple. You can see the collaboration of nature and structure of temple. This method to establish is since 1500 years ago.

  • 5pm
  • hotspring-Japan travelstay-Japan travelHotel with hot spring ~Arima onsen~

  • IMG 4969-Japan travel
  • You can stay at hotel with hot spring. After visiting beautiful places in Japan. You can enjoy and relax with hot spring. We can provide the special room with your hot spring bath at your room.
    Warning: If you have tattoo on your body, most of hot spring facilities are not allowed to use. Please let me know you have tattoo or not. We can arrange premium hot spring which can have private hot spring bath at room depend on your budgets.

  • 7pm
  • meal-Japan travelDinner of Japanese sashimi

  • IMG 7360-Japan travel
  • Please enjoy the traditional meal at your room. Food cntents can be customized if you wish to try something different.

  • 9pm
  • Enjoy and relax

  • IMG 4970-Japan travel
  • After you enjoy dinner, you can enjoy hot spring, night life, drinks,,,you can enjoy whatever.


  • 7am
  • meal-Japan travelJapanese style breakfast

  • IMG 7993-Japan travel
  • Enjoy Japanese style breakfast then get ready for the second day.

  • 10am
  • Journey to next hot spring destination

  • 0pm
  • unesco-Japan travelmeal-Japan travel ~Amazing scenery~

  • [metaslider id=1933]
  • There is amazing scenery you never seen before. We can bring you to the amazing world. Certificated in 2009. Here is one of oldest and biggest cherry blossoms. This cherry blossom is said 1000 years old. Please feel history and how strong this tree is. Highly recommend to visit here in April. We will provide the lunch box which is famous for trip called EKIBEN. This is customized for trip. Normally during trains, transportation, we eat this lunch box. Don’t miss it! You can enjoy amazing scenery with amazing foods!

  • 3pm
  • Return to hotel